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Water/Wastewater Overview

Water and wastewater applications represent the bulk of the water treatment market globally. This industry primarily uses a wide range of existing, mature treatment technologies to address their treatment needs. WaterTectonics is a leading OEM integrator of many approved drinking water and wastewater treatment technologies. Our standardized process approach and understanding of multiple technologies and products allows us to help clients select the most appropriate treatment pathway for their project.

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How WaterTectonics Supports Water/Wastewater Customers

WaterTectonics primarily works with small and medium sized facilities that have a need for turnkey, design-build system delivery. This includes local homeowner associations, the hospitality industry, and other private systems. Many of our customers have a desire to utilize conventional technology but a need to integrate systems within existing infrastructure constraints. We work with customers to engineer systems that fit within those goals. We also provide the benefit of owning a project from design through installation and ensuring that designs are implemented per specifications.

Important Considerations for Water/Wastewater Applications

Drinking water and wastewater applications are some of the most regulated and specified applications in water treatment. For drinking water applications, every aspect of system design from process control to materials selection must meet strict requirements for compliance. Although wastewater is typically discharged to the environment, there are similar human contact and health concerns that must be addressed in system design.

WaterTectonics equipment at job site.

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