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Oil & Gas Overview

Oil & gas projects include full-service water management programs and custom treatment solutions, purpose-built for challenging applications. For those in the upstream exploration and production business, water can either be a resource or a waste stream that needs to be turned on or off with activity levels. For these reasons, we offer water-as-a-service models that are volume and contract based. In other applications, we support customers looking to deploy specific technology to address water needs in their application. Water quality in these applications can be highly variable, but treatment goals can also vary depending on the post-treatment use. WaterTectonics provides a turnkey approach to evaluating treatment options, designing and deploying systems, and managing operations through a variety of field service and remote support contracts.

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How WaterTectonics Supports Oil & Gas Customers

Oil & gas customers require some of the highest health & safety equipment and personnel requirements in the world. WaterTectonics has worked in the oil & gas industry for many years and has built treatment systems to a wide range of standards including Class 1 Div 2, Class 1 Div 1, DNV, CSA, UL, and more. In addition to equipment safety, there is also a heightened focus on personnel safety. This includes more rigorous training and certifications, specific staffing policies and procedures, and real-time access to system operating data locally and remotely. We design our systems to customer specifications and ensure that all phases of project delivery meet or exceed the customer’s requirements.

Important Considerations for Oil & Gas Applications

Many oil & gas waste streams are generated in batch or semi-continuous batches over a defined period of time. Different applications require different considerations. When treating water for downhole use, quality needs can vary by operator chemistry and formation geology. When treating flowback water, variability in the flowback cycle can require a system that is robust enough to accommodate the swings in effluent variability. Whatever the use, reuse, or discharge need, our team of research scientists and process engineers can assist operators in selecting, deploying, and managing water to their desired specification with equipment that meets project health & safety standards.

WaterTectonics equipment at job site.

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