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Building Purpose-Built, Top Tier Treatment Systems

How We Build

We don’t just sell individual treatment system components – we build fully integrated, packaged systems that are engineered to your site-specific requirements and delivered plug-and-play. Our co-located research, engineering, and manufacturing teams ensure that critical project design details aren’t lost in translation across multiple facilities and subcontractors.

Advantages of Our Approach

  • Our standard & semi-standard designs reduce project capital costs
  • 3D modeling tools allow us to ensure seamless integration of equipment & site utilities
  • Co-located design & manufacturing teams reduce equipment lead time
  • Our pre-ship testing facilities reduce equipment installation time on site

What We Build

We offer a wide range of system packaging configurations to meet your project needs.

Containerized packaged systems.


Skidded packaged systems.


Cabinetized packaged systems.


Mobile packaged systems.


Our Packaged Systems

Electrocoagulation equipment.


Electrocoagulation is a treatment process that utilizes power and metal electrodes to generate a wide range of beneficial reactions in water.

Learn More About Electrocoagulation

Chemical Treatment equipment

Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment systems implement a wide range of ready-to-use, made down, slurried, and dry mixed chemicals as water treatment additives.

Learn More About Chemical Treatment

pH Adjustment equipment

pH Adjustment

pH adjustment systems add varying strengths of acids and/or bases to control pH in a water stream.

Learn More About pH Adjustment

Dissolved Air Flotation equipment

Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved air flotation utilizes micro-bubbles, plate separators, and sludge removal systems to quickly separate contaminants in a water stream.

Learn More About Dissolved Air Flotation

Media Filtration equipment

Media Filtration

Media filtration utilizes various medias placed into pressure vessels with automated backwashing to efficiently remove solids.

Learn More About Media Filtration

Ultrafiltration equipment


Ultrafiltration is a membrane filtration process that uses pressure to separate particulate matter from soluble components in feed water.

Learn More About Ultrafiltration

Granular Activated Carbon equipment

Granular Activated Carbon

Granular activated carbon is an adsorptive media removal process that is efficient at removing a wide range of organic compounds in water.

Learn More About Granular Activated Carbon

Ion Exchange equipment

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange utilizes specially engineered medias to efficiently remove specific contaminants through a surface interaction exchange process.

Learn More About Ion Exchange

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a membrane filtration process that uses high pressure to separate various dissolved salts from feed water.

Learn More About Reverse Osmosis

Other Things We Build & Integrate

As a systems integrator, we work with many different kinds of systems. See projects with various systems below:

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