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Mining Overview

Mining projects include a range of water treatment applications from active mine sites to legacy cleanup projects. WaterTectonics has worked at mines domestically and internationally with projects ranging from temporary rental systems to construction of permanent facilities processing over 1000 gallons per minute. Our team includes MSHA trained personnel who are familiar with the design and installation requirements present at many mining facilities. We understand the challenges of working in remote geographies and have built a project delivery team that can provide turnkey support through a combination of on-site and remote monitoring services.

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How WaterTectonics Supports Mining Customers

Many of our customers in the mining industry are addressing new permit requirements or working to improve their operating costs over existing processes. When working towards compliance with a new permit, we help mining companies evaluate a range of treatment alternatives by conducting treatability testing. This testing allows us to forecast effluent water quality and quantify expected waste volumes. It also helps in calculating expected operating costs of different alternatives.

Important Considerations for Mining Applications

Because of their remote locations, trucking of chemicals or wastes is often an important driver for treatment considerations. Additionally, for systems that discharge to the environment, toxicity is often a leading factor in system design. Many mine sites are adjacent to sensitive waterways that require protection during and after operations are complete. We work with our customers to understand these goals and make sure any treatment option selected meets both the commercial and water quality goals for the project.

WaterTectonics equipment at job site.

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