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Full Service Installation & Training

WaterTectonics provides a broad suite of installation & training services to get your system up and running. This includes, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, and construction services.


Even if it’s a system we’ve installed 100 times, every site is different, and we make sure our approach for installation matches your needs and expectations. This includes site-specific JHA and safety plans, hydraulic and electrical interconnect layout diagrams, coordination with civil and electrical contractors, and more.

mobile water treatment
mobile water treatment


Once a system is physically installed, commissioning involves running water through it for the first time and testing each aspect of its functionality. Depending on availability of water, coordination with site operations, and other regulatory and compliance factors, system commissioning is an important milestone to manage correctly.


Once a system is installed and commissioned, we offer training for site personnel. Training includes classroom and field instruction with staged troubleshooting exercises. Most systems we provide come with comprehensive operations & maintenance manuals, which serve as an important reference guide for new operators. We’ve also developed localized training materials for international operators, including training videos.

mobile water treatment
mobile water treatment


Once system commissioning is complete and site personnel are trained, we offer a wide range of maintenance services to support our customer sites. This includes everything from fullly outsourced operations control to annual or quarterly preventative maintenance programs. We have a diverse and flexible field operations team that develops programs specific to each customer’s need.

Construction Services

Implementing new treatment systems can involve a wide range of potential infrastructure upgrades on a site. This could include installation of new equipment pads or sumps, piping changes, and building construction. Depending on the size and complexity of need, WaterTectonics offers prime contracting and subcontractor management for civil site improvements.

mobile water treatment

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