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What We Treat

What do you need to treat?

We deliver complete solutions to treat for a wide range of water quality issues, including: TSS/turbidity, pH, metals, oils, bacteria, PFAS, and more.

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WaterTectonics truck and water treatment equipment.

How We Work

The WaterTectonics Difference

WaterTectonics works  with customers from beginning to end. We help our clients select the best solution through treatability testing and project engineering. We provide a wide range of treatment options for purchase and lease. And we support every system we deploy with comprehensive field services and replacement parts.

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Who We Serve

Serving Across Markets

Water doesn’t care what industry you’re in or what country you’re from – and neither do we. Our customers may be spread across industries and geographies, but they share similar water treatment needs. We take a standardized approach to addressing water issues that allows us to deliver purpose-built, market-tailored solutions.

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Our Values Form Your Experience

  • Client First
  • Ideation
  • Resourcefulness
  • Continuous Improvement

Our work is guided by our core values. We strive to always: put clients first, encourage a culture of creativity, act prudently with our resources, and learn from every project we complete. We endeavor to be a client-first company that is passionate about delivering best-in-class technologies, top technical expertise, and safe, efficient projects that don’t just meet, but exceed, our clients’ expectations.

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Serving You From Start to Finish

We help our clients design treatment systems with treatability and engineering services. We supply equipment for purchase and rent. And we provide support through our parts & services group.

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The staff at WaterTectonics has been instrumental in creating, implementing, and treating the water on site, allowing us to discharge it. They were also incredibly successful and helpful with the entire Department of Ecology permitting process from start to finish, along with creating and managing the backup data required for that process.”

Andrew Spelman

Field Manager, Sellen Construction

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