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Construction Overview

Construction activities can generate a wide range of potential water treatment needs. Operators can be subject to various discharge permits and compliance orders when discharging construction-impacted water to the environment or local sewer authority. WaterTectonics assists contractors with navigating these potential compliance pathways and implementing equipment and services to treat water when necessary.

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How WaterTectonics Supports Contractors

Before projects begin, our team can provide support contractors with project permitting and pre-design efforts. This includes writing and securing permits related to water discharges and developing written plans and specifications for water treatment systems. Once a project begins and a treatment need is confirmed, WaterTectonics can provide, install, and commission treatment systems from its rental fleet. The company owns and operates a large rental fleet of fully automated, plug-and-play treatment systems. We provide year-round installation, commissioning, training, and demobilization services through our field operations division. Systems can be equipped with remote monitoring and water quality data logging capabilities to comply with various project reporting requirements.

Important Considerations for Construction Projects

Typical water treatment needs on construction sites include stormwater runoff, groundwater/dewatering water treatment, and wash water treatment. Many jurisdictions require treatment for turbidity and pH in general permit settings. Operators may also have to control for other contaminants if receiving waters are impacted for specific parameters. Groundwater/dewatering water treatment can often be required when the dewatered area has known historical contamination. Wash water can include a wide range of washing activities from trucks to structures. Depending on the nature of the washing and the categorization of the waste, various treatment options may be needed.

WaterTectonics equipment at job site.

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