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Grow Community – Stormwater & Groundwater Treatment

Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

Grow Community - Stormwater & Groundwater Treatment

PHC Construction reached out to WaterTectonics for water treatment assistance at their award winning, environmentally conscious Grow Community site on Bainbridge Island. A completely chemical free electrocoagulation (EC) stormwater treatment system, WaveIonics, was mobilized and commissioned in less than a week from request. The EC system came with automated controls, pH adjustment, system status data logging and an alert notification package.

EC technology is intrinsically safer than typical liquid polymers used for treatment. These polymers can have a significant environmental footprint to manufacture as well as the potential for spills since polymers are typically transported and applied as liquids. Power requirements for EC and polymer treatment are relatively the same as the main power draw is moving the water via pumps. Water quality is ensured at the end of the EC treatment train by automated inline measurements of pH and turbidity. This confirms that there will not be a release of turbid or high pH water to the environment. Implementation of the EC technology complimented the environmental vision behind the Grow Community during construction activities.