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Basalt Rock Quarry – Industrial Stormwater

Santa Rosa, California, USA

Basalt Rock Quarry - Industrial Stormwater

This 70+ rock quarry in Santa Rosa, CA provides drain rock, washed sand, and other aggregate and asphalt materials to residential, construction, and agriculture customers across Northern California. The company has a history dating back to 1910, is widely recognized for deploying sustainable practices across its business, and was the first quarry in the world to operate 100% under photovoltaic (PV) solar power.

When the facility was faced with new stormwater regulations, they wanted to bring this same sustainable mindset to addressing stormwater. The facility is situated on a steep hillside, and there was no footprint available to implement storage ponds or other conventional settling techniques. In addition, the small particle size of the rock dust present in the stormwater runoff made conventional settling and filtration practices difficult.

WaterTectonics identified its automated turbidity and pH control system, the AcistBox, as the ideal option to address the high-flow small footprint need on the site. Three 1000gpm AcistBox systems were installed, integrated into existing infrastructure, and modified to fit in an area <3000sf per 1000gpm setup. The chemical-enhanced settling and media filtration process reduced turbidity and controls pH in a fully-automated format with remote monitoring and telemetry integrated to the facility’s master control room.