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Texas – Produced Water Reuse Treatment

Midland, Texas, USA

Texas - Produced Water Reuse Treatment

Texas Produced Water Treatment
Midland, Texas Produced Water

A Midland, TX-based client approached WaterTectonics seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution for treating produced water for reuse in fracking operations. They required a system that could be rapidly mobilized and deliver consistent water quality at high volumes. Leveraging our mobile lease units specifically designed for the Midland area, WaterTectonics delivered a comprehensive solution. Our services included: engineering and design; field construction; daily field operations with 24-hour on-site support and multi-pond management. Thanks to the combined efforts of our experienced Midland based team and engineering support from our Everett, Washington team, we swiftly mobilized and demobilized the system within a week. The mobile unit’s portability allowed us to haul it wherever needed, ensuring seamless operations. The system ran successfully for several months with minimal operational issues, resulting in an extremely satisfied client. This project underscores WT’s capability to deliver efficient and reliable water treatment solutions tailored to our client’s site-specific needs.