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Proppant Manufacturer – Industrial Wastewater

Southeast, USA

Proppant Manufacturer - Industrial Wastewater

This facility manufactures and sells proppant products for use in oil & gas applications. Their manufactured beads help to keep induced hydraulic fractures open and allow oil or gas to flow freely from a well.

Manufacturing of these proppants is a complex process that involves multiple steps and processes to ensure that the beads don’t break down under high pressure conditions. During manufacturing, multiple wastewater streams are generated as byproducts of various processes. WaterTectonics was brought in to design and install a system for a new plant in Alabama.  An 800gpm WaveIonics electrocoagulation treatment system was deployed to help reduce Total Suspended Solids and Chemical Oxygen Demand in the effluent water.

WaterTectonics had previously installed a similar 100gpm system for the client at another location. That system provided significant operating cost savings over the previous water management practices and was therefore selected as the preferred option for the client’s new plant.  Because of the large flowrate and high solids loading, a circular clarifier with automated sludge removal was also delivered as part of the complete system.