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McKee’s Beach – Drinking Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

Stanwood, Washington, USA

McKee's Beach - Drinking Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

The McKee’s Beach community in Stanwood, Washington was built in the 1950’s and relied on a well for drinking water. The EPA deemed their water unsafe for consumption with arsenic levels well above their MCL (maximum contaminant level) standards and required the community to upgrade the treatment plant. WaterTectonics was hired to conduct a lab and pilot study to determine the most cost-efficient way to treat the water. After funds were approved by the community to facilitate the upgrades, WaterTectonics built equipment for the new plant, including a chemical dosing skid, filtration skid, and booster pump skid. The system was also installed and commissioned by WaterTectonics. Today, WaterTectonics provides operations reviews and ongoing support to ensure continued water quality goals are met.