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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances, sometimes referred to as “forever chemicals”, are a category of thousands of man-made chemicals (including PFOS, PFOA and GenX). Since these chemicals don’t break down and they can accumulate over time, their presence can be extremely persistent in the environment and in our bodies.

PFAS chemicals have been manufactured since the 1940s and are utilized worldwide in various industries because of their ability to repel oil and water. Some of these everyday items include: paints, nonstick products, food packaging, cleaning products, waterproof clothing, firefighting foams and more. PFAS can directly affect soil, groundwater and surface water via point source contamination or when these widely used, everyday items are broken down and transported to landfills and wastewater plants. According to the United States Environmental Protections Agency, there is evidence that “continued exposure above specific levels to certain PFAS may lead to adverse health effects”.



WaterTectonics has been brought in to investigate, design, provide, and service industrial wastewater treatment systems for PFAS applications in multiple industries. A solution to address each one of these applications begins, like all projects at WaterTectonics, with a scientific evaluation and assessment by our environmental staff and water solutions laboratory.

The first step is treatability testing to determine the best alternatives and their associated cost and service needs. This step is essential in complex and varying water streams, especially when contaminants other than PFAS are present.

If you’re currently facing a PFAS water contamination issue, WaterTectonics can help assess and navigate a specific solution for your water stream. Rental equipment for pilots is available as well as service team members to operate equipment in the field and remotely using our EagleEye software platform. This platform allows our engineering team to view real-time water quality data, error messages, and HMI screens to help with troubleshooting systems in between service visits.

Rental Solutions

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