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The PhatBox is an engineered, packaged water treatment system for automated pH adjustment. This turnkey pH adjustment system centralizes all required treatment components in a single job box cabinet, significantly reducing installation time and providing safe housing for sensitive digital probes and PLC controllers. The PhatBox pH adjustment system has been used on dozens of construction, remediation, and industrial sites across the United States. The PhatBox allows for in-line pH adjustment or remote location pH adjustment. Real-time monitoring and data recording provide users of this Ph adjustment system with accurate water quality logs.

Provides automated pH adjustment on flowrates of 100gpm - 500gpm.
Allows for in-line pH adjustment or remote location pH adjustment.
Real-time pH monitoring and data recording provide users with important water quality logs to track performance.

Treatment Targets

  • pH
  • PhatBox PLUS Options Also Target: Total Suspended Solids &  Heavy Metals (Total)

Technology Specifications

  • Purpose-built job box container
  • Process flowrate of 100gpm to 500gpm
  • Real-time influent and effluent pH monitoring
  • Data logging functionality helps track performance

Water Analysis

ph probes water adjustment

Water enters the PhatBox water treatment system and passes by a pH probe which analyzes the water for influent pH.

pH Adjustment

pH adjustment carbon dioxide

If the influent pH reading is outside of the desired range, pH adjustment chemical is injected into the passing stream and through a static mixer.

Data Logging

pH data logging

An effluent pH probe analyzes the treated water to ensure that the pH has been adjusted to the desired range and records the results on the system data logger.

Rental Solutions
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