The EcoStorm is a gravity separation stormwater treatment system. The system utilizes two concentric circular structures of varying diameters. Water levels within the inner and outer cylinders are equalized through a vertical weir opening. The outer cylinder separates contaminated particulate from the influent. A deflection plate promotes swirling motion in the structure, increasing the travel path for pollutants between the inlet and outlet, thereby providing more time for gravity separation of settleable solids. Floating pollutants such as petroleum and litter are retained in the structure via the skimming outlet pipe.

Treatment Targets

  • Total Suspended Solids

Technology Specifications

  • Standard precast units with capacity to manage typical treatment flows
  • Design flexibility allows for variability of removal efficiency based on particle size distribution, flows, and annualized or event-based designs
  • Cost-competitive single structure design reduces footprint and excavation costs
  • Easy installation and low maintenance costs
  • Ideal for new construction or retrofit applications

Debris Screen

EcoStorm debris screen

An optional debris screen can be utilized on the influent pipe to catch floatables and other large litter that may negatively impact downstream systems.

D1 Separation

EcoStorm separation

Water is directed tangentially through the outer D1 separation chamber where heavier suspended solids settle to the bottom of the system.

D2 Separation

EcoStorm separation

Water flows over the top of the inner D1 separation chamber and then down to the bottom of the D1 chamber before travelling back up to the effluent discharge pipe.

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