The EcoLine B is an oil water separator that is effective at separating non-emulsified light liquids and low-water-soluble oils with specific gravities below 0.95, such as gasoline, diesel, heating oils and other mineral oils. The system utilizes gravity separation and coalescing media filtration to separate oil and water mixtures and features an optional automatic oil drawoff device. In the two-tank design, an upstream grit chamber removes solids from the influent before it reaches the coalescing media. A protective HDPE lining and an oil level sensor system are also available options.

Treatment Targets

  • Free Oil

Technology Specifications

  • Standard precast units with stainless steel treatment chamber
  • Process flowrate of 50gpm to 1,100gpm
  • Automated shutoff valve closes the outlet pipe when the maximum oil storage capacity is reached
  • Non-mechanical/non-electrical system ensures high reliability
  • Installation and maintenance friendly allowing access to all components from above ground
  • Optional automatic oil drawoff device for near 100% pure oil collection

Grit Chamber

EcoLine B grit chamber

An optional grit chamber can be added upstream of the primary treatment chamber to allow for additional solids settling and capture.

Coalescing Media

EcoLine B media

Enhanced oil coalescing media helps capture smaller oil droplets through its honeycomb flow path.

Oil Stop Mechanism

EcoLine B oil stop

An integrated and float-activated oil stop mechanism can close off the outlet pipe when oil reaches a specific level in the treatment chamber.

Oil Drawoff Device

EcoLine B oil drawoff

An optional oil drawoff device can recover nearly 100% pure oil product into a below-grade catchment pipe for easy retrieval and reuse.

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