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WaterTectonics Treats Leachate

“Forever chemicals” including PFAS, PFOS, PFOA, and GenX are notoriously hard to treat contaminants often detected in leachate. They affect soil, groundwater, and surface water via point source contamination or when everyday items containing these synthetic chemicals are broken down and transported to landfills and wastewater plants.

WaterTectonics has been brought in to successfully investigate, design, provide, and service industrial wastewater treatment systems for PFAS applications in multiple industries. A solution begins, like all projects at WaterTectonics, with a scientific evaluation and assessment by our environmental staff and in-house, water solutions laboratory.

Treatability testing is used to determine the best alternatives, their associated cost, and service needs. This step is essential in complex and varying water streams, especially when contaminants other than PFAS are present like: TSS, BOD, heavy metals, COD, silica, PCBs, PAHs, and more.

If you’re currently facing a contamination issue, WaterTectonics can provide rental equipment for pilots as well as service team members to operate equipment in the field and remotely using our EagleEye software platform. This platform allows our engineering team to view real-time water quality data, error messages, and HMI screens to help with troubleshooting systems in between service visits and ensure compliance. To learn more, reach out to

Rental Solutions
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