WaterTectonics Improves Water Treatment Field Service Program

Everett, WA – February 10, 2015 – WaterTectonics has improved their water treatment field service program by teaming up with ServiceMax, the leading field service management solution for a new era of business.

Headquartered in Everett, Washington, USA, WaterTectonics designs, manufactures, deploys and services integrated water treatment solutions for clients all over the world in oil & gas, mining, industrial and construction applications. The company specializes in innovative electrocoagulation and electrochemical technologies and integration within larger solutions.

In addition, WaterTectonics has built a comprehensive suite of services that includes treatability research, industrial design, and project delivery field services. This fully integrated product model has created a company culture that supports their core values of putting the client first, ideation, resourcefulness and continuous improvement.

“Prior to ServiceMax, we tracked all of our work tickets on paper and didn’t have any in-house visibility to our install base. ServiceMax has transformed how we help our customers manager their assets and improves the overall field services experience.” – Jeff Rose, Director, Field Operations, WaterTectonics

Being a smaller company, WaterTectonics didn’t have big company systems and infrastructure to rely on to support its field service division – everything was built from the ground up. ServiceMax helped provide an out-of-the-box solution that was quick to implement and brought a new vocabulary and way of thinking to the company.

“Field service is no longer a profession defined by turning a wrench. Today, field service is about turning customers into raving fans,” Scott Berg, COO of ServiceMax said. “To accomplish this, technicians need the right information no matter where they are to fix problems the first time, make better recommendations, and ultimately create thriving relationships. ServiceMax is excited to partner with WaterTectonics as they continue to foster customer relationships through their modern field service team.”

About WaterTectonics
Established in 1999. WaterTectonics designs, manufactures, deploys, and services integrated water treatment solutions in oil & gas, mining, industrial, and construction applications. The company offers innovative electrocoagulation and electrochemical technologies in addition to a comprehensive suite of services including treatability research, industrial design, and project delivery field services. For more information, visit www.watertectonics.com.

About ServiceMax
There are more than five million field service technicians in the United States alone tasked with keeping our world running. Yet today, there is no standard technology for managing the way companies empower technicians to truly delight their customers in the field. ServiceMax is rethinking field service, and delivering cutting edge technology to help companies perfect service delivery, drive growth, and delight customers. ServiceMax customers include large enterprises such as Electrolux, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and Elekta, and smaller businesses like McKinley Equipment and Kinetico. Based in Pleasanton, California, they are a company of innovators, thinkers, and doers who care passionately about changing the world of field services. To learn more, visit: www.servicemax.com.

WaterTectonics Media Contact
Lauren Jansson
Marketing Specialist, WaterTectonics
425.349.4200 ext 224

ServiceMax Media Contact
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