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WaterTectonics Research Project Collaboration Receives Federal Funding

The U.S. Department of Energy, in partnership with the National Alliance for Water Innovation, announced $17.7M in federal funding for sixteen research projects to support the development of innovative water treatment research.

WaterTectonics is proud to be a collaborator for three of these important projects to improve pre-treatment for desalination, reduce viruses in secondary wastewater, and develop new selenium reduction methods. Those projects are:

Title: Tailored Reductants for Selenium Removal in Iron Electrocoagulation
This project will target selenium, a problematic naturally-occurring element that is not easily removed by reverse osmosis (RO), and can contaminate wastewater in many industrial applications, with a novel electrochemical method of particle removal called electrocoagulation.
Collaborators: Washington University in St. Louis (Lead), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), WaterTectonics, Inc. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Title: Electrocoagulation/Electrooxidation to Accelerate Cost-Effective Water Reuse
This project will develop hybrid iron-iron and iron-carbon electrocoagulation/electrooxidation (EC/EO) systems for pretreating secondary wastewater effluent prior to microfiltration and desalination and improve log10 virus reduction and remove suspended particles in a single step.
Collaborators: Texas A&M University (Lead), Oak Ridge National Laboratory, WaterTectonics, Inc., KIT Professionals, Inc., Orange County Water District, and CAP Water & Power International, Inc

Title: Enabling Minimal Liquid Discharge Through a Modular, Flexible, and Electrified Pretreatment System
This project will develop a combination electrochemical reactor based on electrocoagulation with an immersed filtration system to react and separate problematic contaminants in water in a single modular step prior to desalination.
Collaborators: University of California at Los Angeles (Lead), Georgia Institute of Technology, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), O Knoxville Utilities Board, WaterTectonics, Inc., and Southern Company

Learn more about all sixteen research projects here.



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