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WaterTectonics Employee Spotlight: Virgil Viernes

Meet our Employee Spotlight Virgil Viernes. Virgil was born in Asingan, Pangasinan, Philippines. He and his family moved to Honolulu, Hawaii when he was four years old before settling on Maui where he was raised.

Post high school, Virgil enlisted in the United States Navy under the Nuclear Propulsion Program. He became a Mechanical Operator for a nuclear reactor on the USS Long Beach. There he learned mechanical machinery operation and maintenance, principles and theories of nuclear fission and received hands on experience at a nuclear reactor. Virgil earned his Associate’s in Arts degree from Maui Community College (now University of Hawaii, Maui College) before transferring to the University of Hawaii, Manoa where he majored in Kinesiology/Athletic Training.

Virgil has over 20 years of wastewater experience working his way through treatment plant operation levels holding various positions including Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Manager and Solid Waste Division Compliance Specialist. He holds his Grade IV Operator license, is a Direct Responsible Charge Operator, maintains Levels A, B and C Underground Storage Tank Certifications, and is a member of the State of Hawaii Board of Certification for Wastewater Treatment Personnel.

Virgil joined the WaterTectonics team in 2021 as Regional Operational Sales Manager at our satellite office on Maui, Hawaii. His primary goals at WaterTectonics are the operation and maintenance of the ATC Makena Wastewater Treatment Plant and to expand the WaterTectonics wastewater program in Polynesia and beyond.

When not working, Virgil enjoys gathering for dinners with family and friends, days at the beach, fishing, and spending time working on his three Jeeps.

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