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WaterTectonics Employee Spotlight: Maribel Maldonado

Meet our Employee Spotlight Maribel Gonzalez Maldonado. Maribel was born and raised in Hawthorne, California. Post high school, she had interest in becoming a flight attendant and chose to work at the Los Angeles International Airport for American Airlines. In her twelve years there, Maribel worked both the ticket counter and the Regional Sales Office. In 2002, Maribel and her husband opened a successful restaurant in Palmdale, California.  After 5 years and the recession of 2006, Maribel and her family chose to make a fresh start in Washington.

In 2013, WaterTectonics needed a Spanish translator for projects being conducted in South America. Maribel excelled at her role in the project and once complete, permanently joined the WaterTectonics team in 2015 as the Office Administrator. Her primary goals at WaterTectonics are to keep day to day business operations running smoothly by welcoming and directing visitors; managing emails, letters, deliveries and phone calls; supporting the accounting department; managing travel and business expense reconciliation for upper management; supporting the marketing department with internal events and tradeshow preparation; tracking and replacing supplies to avoid interruptions in front office procedures; supporting the human resources department with new hire welcome activities; and so much more!

When not working, Maribel enjoys time with her family, yard work, making homemade candles, and traveling to sunny & warm destinations.

Maribel Gonzalez Maldonado

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