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WaterTectonics Employee Spotlight: Jacob Aylesworth

Meet our #EmployeeSpotlight Jacob Aylesworth. Jacob was born and raised in Washington State. His desire to develop an understanding of solving and seeing the “big picture” problems while also developing skills to work with water or waste materials, drove him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington. There he also received a Certificate in Environmental Engineering. After college, Jacob spent 18 months working for SSOE Group, an internationally ranked architecture and engineering firm, in both Oregon and Nebraska.

Jacob returned to Washington and joined the WaterTectonics team in 2014 as a Water Process Engineer. In that position, he’d take a bench scale solution (determined by our in-house scientists) and turn it into a full-scale system. Equipment would be sized and selected based on best practice design parameters, material compatibility, and other fluid properties. All the information would come together as a blueprint, called a process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID), to communicate the water treatment design to the entire engineering team. Once the engineering phase was complete, Jacob would continue to support the project through the manufacturing, testing, commissioning, and training phases to provide a completed project (and happy client).

Currently, as our Process Engineering Manager, Jacob’s main role is to oversee that entire familiar project process from start to finish. He acts as a seasoned resource by providing both support and direction to the engineering team as they work through the often complex full-scale solution design.

When not working, Jacob enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, reading books, playing outside with his young son, and working in the family herb garden.


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