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WaterTectonics Employee Spotlight: Denney Eames, P.E.

Meet our #EmployeeSpotlight, Denney Eames. Denney was born and raised in Colorado, Utah and Arizona. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Arizona State University and is a registered Professional Engineer in Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. In addition, Denney has an ADEQ Certified Water and Wastewater Class 4 Operator license.

Over the years, he has managed and led technical teams from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Denney helped a small business grow from $3M to $9M in four years by aiding in their transition from a surplus equipment company to a custom water treatment equipment company that included a rental division and engineering team that built customer water treatment equipment from surplus equipment. Denney built a rental equipment division with an investment of $500K that was generating over $1M in revenue and a +50% GM in less than 12 months.

Denney joined the WaterTectonics team in 2012 as Technical Director. At WaterTectonics, he has been the technical lead for 100s of projects in multiple industries. Denney has built treatment plants in Argentina, Australia, Oman and throughout the United States. He’s currently focusing on implementing water treatment solutions in the oil & gas and mining industries. Denney leads a team of 15 highly skilled engineers and scientists to develop and implement solutions for some of the more difficult water treatment problems on the planet.

When not working, Denney enjoys woodworking, a hobby he picked up a few years ago. Denney’s favorite projects include building a maple shuffleboard table (featuring a blue epoxy river) with his children and working with his wife on a distressed walnut slab desk. Recently friends and family have become recipients of cutting boards that are sure to become heirlooms.
Denney Eames P.E.

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