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WaterTectonics Employee Spotlight: Caitlin Callaway

Meet our Employee Spotlight Caitlin Callaway. Caitlin was born in Texas but raised in Colorado. She’d always had a sharp eye for details and a love of puzzles and problem solving, but it wasn’t until a high school chemistry class sparked an interest in science that Caitlin could imagine a STEM career. She was accepted into the prestigious Colorado School of Mines where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. Post college, Caitlin spent a couple of years as an analytical chemist for an environmental testing laboratory in California. She liked the environmental aspects of the role but missed the challenge and problem solving of engineering.

Caitlin joined the WaterTectonics team in March of 2022 as a Water Process Engineer. She’s part of a team responsible for designing water treatment systems to meet stringent client requirements. She specifies and selects water treatment equipment, details exactly how the process will work, and develops a P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram) that communicates details of the project to our other engineering teams at WT (electrical, mechanical, and software) as well as our in-house manufacturing team.

Caitlin is an avid reader and when not working, enjoys curling up with a good book. She’s also having fun exploring and getting to know her new home state of Washington.

Caitlin Callaway

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