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WaterTectonics Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation in Water

20 years ago, WaterTectonics was founded by Seattle entrepreneur, Jim Mothersbaugh, with the vision of developing innovative water treatment technologies that would allow businesses to meet the demands of new and future environmental regulations. The company opened its first manufacturing and research facility at Fishermen’s Terminal in Ballard and shortly after received Washington State Department of Ecology Approval to deploy its new WaveIonics electrocoagulation technology for surface water treatment at a high-profile remediation project on the shores of Lake Washington.

In 2004, WaterTectonics expanded into the industrial markets, targeting permanent facilities with surface water discharge permits where compliance was becoming increasingly difficult.  In 2009, WaterTectonics secured its first major project in the oil & gas industry, targeting on-site recycling of flowback and produced water from natural gas operations. The company’s electrocoagulation technology was quickly recognized as one of the leading alternatives for water treatment in the industry.

WaterTectonics signed a global licensing agreement with Halliburton in 2010. The company moved to a new 38,000 square foot facility in Everett, Washington and tripled its number of employees. In 2012, WaterTectonics expanded internationally and secured major pilot projects in Canada and Colombia in both oil & gas and mining industries.

In 2013 and 2014, WaterTectonics furthered its international expansion by securing projects in Brazil, Australia, Chile, and Oman. Today, WaterTectonics continues to be active in all of its leading verticals operating in 11 countries and 22 states.  With over 150 permanent installations and 1,200+ completed projects, WaterTectonics treats over 500 million gallons of water annually.

Reaching this exciting milestone could not have have been done without our wonderful team, clients and vendors. Thank you for the support and cheers to 20 years!

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