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WaterTectonics and Baroid IDP Sign Exclusive Licensing Agreement for the Mining Industry

EVERETT, WA, October 2, 2013 (24-7 PRESS RELEASE) — WaterTectonics, a leading North American manufacturer of electrochemical water treatment technologies, and Baroid IDP CleanWave® Water Solutions, a division of Halliburton that provides water treatment and management for the mining industry, have today announced an integrated strategic partnership and licensing agreement to provide comprehensive water treatment solutions to the mining industry.

“For the past three and a half years, we’ve worked with Halliburton in the oil & gas industry, designing and manufacturing their line of CleanWave® water treatment systems which utilize our world-leading electrocoagulation technology. With Baroid IDP’s strong service and technology position in the mining industry and our history of success with Halliburton in the oil & gas industry, the synergies between our two companies were obvious,” said Mr. Jason Mothersbaugh, Vice President of WaterTectonics.

The licensing agreement gives Baroid IDP exclusive access to WaterTectonics’ suite of electrochemical water treatment technologies to provide to their mining customers in the Lower 48 States, Alaska, and Mexico. Additionally, IDP and Water Tectonics will serve the industry in Latin America as required to complete the unique value proposition. Dr. Charles Landis has been appointed as Operations Manager of Baroid IDP CleanWave Water Solutions. Dr. Landis is a 24-year industry expert who has worked broadly in applied research, resource development, and product development roles during his time at Baroid IDP.

“IDP CleanWave® Water Solutions orients itself around the best solution for the mining company for all aspects of their treatment needs. WaterTectonics’ suite of electrochemical water treatment technologies address the unique aspects of the water chemistry from closed mine waters to mine dewatering to ongoing ore processing. It also expands the opportunity for companies to more flexibly manage the risk with their capital budgets,” said Dr. Landis.

In the past year, WaterTectonics and Baroid IDP executed an innovative demonstration in the Midwestern US, showcasing the venture’s world-leading electrocoagulation technology at a closed mining operation. The solution sequenced electrocoagulation, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis technology to remove Sulfate, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Arsenic, Iron, and other heavy metals at levels allowing the water to meet very strict treatment targets. In addition, the solution delivered opportunities for additional cost savings in solids disposal, operational efficiencies in the downstream treatment train, and lower consumable costs. This demonstration led to commercial launches in 2013.

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