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WaterTectonics Urban Redevelopment Project Highlighted by Stormwater Magazine

The latest edition of Stormwater Magazine highlights the involvement of WaterTectonics on the recent Self-Storage urban redevelopment project in the Interbay neighborhood of Seattle to overcome water treatment challenges in an environmentally sensitive area. The project is located at the toe of a steep 40% slope and is within an archaeological buffer, liquefaction zone, and potential slide area as categorized by the City of Seattle. The site also sits on very stiff, silty clay overridden by shallow, soft slide debris. Along with slide hazards, the less-than-ideal soil conditions, and potential archaeological considerations, past industrial use of the area added another layer of complexity.

Find out what water treatment design WaterTectonics defined for incorporation that would not only meet the standard CSWGP turbidity and pH requirements—25 nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) and 6.5 to 8.5, respectively—but also treat for compounds indicated in the Administrative Order by clicking here.


Rental Solutions
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