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US 34 Big Thompson Canyon Repair – Construction Stormwater

Highway 34, Colorado, USA

US 34 Big Thompson Canyon Repair - Construction Stormwater

heated mobile water treatment for highway repair
heated mobile water treatment

Recently, WaterTectonics was contacted by Construction Manager/General Contractor Kiewit Infrastructure Co  for water management support on the Highway 34 Big Thompson Canyon project. Kiewit was selected by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to make permanent road and bridge repairs to a 23-mile section of US 34 that was damaged during floods in 2013. Throughout the excavation portions of the repairs, up to 850 gallons per minute of turbid water needs to be treated before returning to the Big Thompson River. WaterTectonics is providing mobile water treatment so the process can be easily relocated to multiple sites along the highway. Using a cargo trailer mounted system, over 7 relocations have been made so far with  just a pickup truck and standard hitch. The heated trailer prevents freezing of pipes, probes and water treatment polymer saving both time and money.

Due to concrete and grout base stabilization work, high pH is also present. WaterTectonics is deploying additional portable units that each treat 400 gallons per minute to continue treating water on the project over the next eight months.