Rental Solutions

Construction of the Population Health Facility on the University of Washington campus has begun. The new 290,000 square foot building will house the Population Health Initiative launched by the university in 2016 to focus on human health, environmental resilience, as well as social and economic equity. A sizable, $210 million gift from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with $15 million from the legislature made the building possible.

WaterTectonics was brought in by General Contractor, Lease Crutcher Lewis,  to treat construction site stormwater. Our team mobilized a 100 gallon per minute WaveIonics electrocoagulation (EC) unit to treat the stormwater before it’s released back into the Montlake Cut that connects Lake Washington and Lake Union. This automated system provides real-time water quality monitoring with zero non-compliant discharges.


Rental Solutions

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