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South Park Sewer & Drainage Upgrades – Water Treatment

Seattle, Washington, USA

South Park Sewer & Drainage Upgrades - Water Treatment

sewer and drainage upgrades water treatment

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) are working together on the South Park Drainage and Roadway Partnership project to construct streets and a drainage system to improve chronic flooding and drainage issues. As part of the new drainage system, inlets and pipes will capture stormwater (rainfall runoff) and direct flows to the future pump station during hightide. With contaminated soils present, WaterTectonics was brought in to help treat the construction site stormwater.

This particular project included 24/7 groundwater dewatering requiring treatment for legacy contaminants.  WaterTectonics implemented a treatment train including a 600gpm WaveIonics electrocoagulation (EC) system, pH adjustment, media filtration, airsparge, and granular activated carbon treatment to meet administrative order discharge limits.