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Paul Allen Brain Institute & Google Campus – Groundwater Treatment

Seattle, Washington, USA

Paul Allen Brain Institute & Google Campus - Groundwater Treatment

WaterTectonics worked with general contractor GLY Construction to provide complex remedial water treatment for three neighboring projects in the south lake union area (including expansion of the Paul Allen Brain Institute and the Google Campus).  Along with typical stormwater treatment, each project required up to 600gpm of 24/7 dewatering to facilitate the work. WaveIonics electrocoagulation (EC) technology in combination with carbon filtration polishing was utilized for stormwater treatment and combinations of air stripping and carbon/specialty filtration were used to treat groundwater continuously being extracted to facilitate the construction.

There was a historic release of dry-cleaning solvents from a property upgradient and a plume of the chemicals remains in the groundwater.  Due to the soil (petroleum products and metals) and groundwater contaminants (VOCs) all these sites were issued Administrative Orders.  All treated water was discharged safely to Lake Union less than a block away. This project was a perfect example of redevelopment facilitating environmental cleanup for an entire neighborhood.