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Otay Landfill – Stormwater Management Systems

San Diego, California, USA

Otay Landfill - Stormwater Management Systems

Like many landfills, this facility in southern California covers a large area of land and has significant volumes of stormwater to manage when it rains. In order to minimize discharges off stormwater, the facility uses a series of ponds at different elevations throughout the facility. However, the facility did not have a means for pumping water between the different locations on site. WaterTectonics worked with the client on a tight timeline to design, built, and install four different pumping systems that allowed the client to move water between ponds as they reached capacity in order to minimize off site discharges even further. Each location had unique requirements (gas vs. electric power, long vs. short discharge runs, etc.), and the project had to be delivered on a tight timeline. Once the equipment arrived, WaterTectonics also installed the equipment and trained the client’s on-site team on operations and maintenance.