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Oil Terminal – PFAS Cleanup

Northern California, USA

Oil Terminal - PFAS Cleanup

Firefighting foams can be a significant source of PFAS. When deployed in an emergency situation, they have the potential to impact surface water and groundwater runoff. This client experienced significant, unplanned firefighting activities at their facility that resulted in elevated levels of PFAS in their stormwater and groundwater. The client’s engineer reached out to WaterTectonics to develop a mobile solution that could be trailer-mounted and deployed in a quick timeframe on a rental basis. The client’s engineer preferred to use lead-lag carbon adsorption and lead-lag PFAS-selective ion exchange but wanted better pre-treatment than what they had seen at other facilities.

WaterTectonics implemented an ultrafiltration membrane pre-treatment solution that resulted in media and resin lifespans far beyond what had been seen on previous projects. After 18 months of successful operation at a 100gpm flowrate, the client opted to upgrade the system to 300gpm to deal with added flows on site.