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Miramar Landfill – Solar Powered Chemical Dosing Trailers

San Diego, California, USA

Miramar Landfill - Solar Powered Chemical Dosing Trailers

This landfill facility had a very challenging problem to solve – how to treat massive volumes of water with high concentrations of contaminants at low cost and with minimal infrastructure. The site had the benefit of large holding ponds and a system of concrete channels, but deploying a conventional “pump-and-treat” option was magnitudes of cost beyond their available budget. WaterTectonics worked with the client’s consulting engineer to deploy a system that utilized the existing assets to the greatest extent practicable – ultimately, a solar-powered, mobile, chemical dosing trailer. This system utilized in-channel flow measurement to read flows up to 15,000gpm, and then communicated readings back to a solar-powered, trailer-mounted chemical dosing system that dosed chemical in response to the flow reading. By dosing chemical in the channel upstream of the pond, the system was able to significantly improve the performance of the existing pond by allowing solids, metals, and other constituents of concern to settle out more quickly in the basin.