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Lincoln Square – Stormwater & Groundwater Treatment

Bellevue, Washington, USA

Lincoln Square - Stormwater & Groundwater Treatment

Lincoln Square is one of the premier mixed-use facilities in Bellevue, Washington, incorporating retail; commercial; and hotel facilities in a single, dynamic, and integrated setting. Phase Two of the Lincoln Square development included two added high-rise towers with additional commercial, residential, and hotel capacity. During construction of the underground parking facilities, site stormwater and groundwater that is exposed to the excavation pit must be captured and treated before it is discharged to the storm sewer.

WaterTectonics worked with general contractor GLY Construction to design a solution for active water treatment using chitosan-enhanced sand filtration with the AcistBox. During later phases of the project, multiple PhatBox pH adjustment systems were used to reduce high pH in water that came into contact with concrete-pouring activities.