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LA County Transfer Station – Industrial Stormwater

Downey, California, USA

LA County Transfer Station - Industrial Stormwater

This southern California transfer station reached out to WaterTectonics to design and build a stormwater treatment system for their facility. The client managed water on site using a series of tanks that intermittently discharged water to the local sewer. However, during high volume rain events, the facility exceeded its sewer discharge allowance and was required to discharge water to the local waterway. WaterTectonics worked collaboratively with the owner’s in-house engineering teams to leverage their existing infrastructure and tanks and minimize capital investments for the new system. The main control panel, power distribution, cartridge filtration, and UV systems were built on a single skid to provide plug-and-play installation and protection from the elements. The system also included multiple custom elements that allowed it to integrate with the client’s existing control panels and tanks that were already installed on site.