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ELG Metals – Industrial Stormwater

Houston, Texas, USA

ELG Metals - Industrial Stormwater

The Gulf Coast division of ELG Metals is located in Houston, Texas. The plant occupies a 6-acre, fully concreted area and includes a large building that houses a turnings crusher and inventory. This structure helps to significantly minimize impacts to stormwater runoff. The facility processes stainless steel, Ni-Cr-Fe, Titanium, Monel, CuNi, Tool Steel, and NiCo alloy. Bulk materials are processed with an 1,100 ton shear. The plant is located less than 2 miles away from three deep water ports which allows them to load ocean going vessels as well as barges. The Houston facility is a pivot plant that can ship to various steel mills around the world as well as domestic consumers. ELG Metals selected WaterTectonics to supply a 400gpm WaveIonics electrocoagulation system and integrated water detention system for treatment of stormwater runoff before direct discharge to the Houston Ship Channel.