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Connecticut Galvanizing – Zinc Treatment

Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA

Connecticut Galvanizing - Zinc Treatment

Zinc galvanizing is an important finishing process that can protect raw metal against rusting and corrosion. Metal structures are dipped in vats of liquid zinc to coat the material. When stormwater comes into contact with these recently finished products and other surfaces at the plant, it can pick up the zinc and transport it in the stormwater as a soluble metal. Connecticut Galvanizing is an important regional operator in this industry that provides this service for construction projects and industry throughout New England. In order to help them reduce zinc concentrations in their stormwater, WaterTectonics supplied a 100gpm WaveIonics electrocoagulation treatment system with automated pH control and remote monitoring features. The system helped the client meet their compliance goals and was spotlighted by the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) with a tour of the system at an annual AGA conference.