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Citrus Packaging – TDS Treatment & Blending System

Piru, California, USA

Citrus Packaging - TDS Treatment & Blending System

The Fillmore Pitru Citrus Fruit Association is a grower-owned packing house operating out of Fillmore, CA since 1897. Here, citrus from the Santa Clara Valley is sorted and packaged for sale around the world.

WaterTectonics was contacted for a bench scale treatability study of the wastewater from the packinghouse with the goal to meet sewer discharge requirements, specifically to lower TDS and chloride. After lab analysis, it was determined that reverse osmosis (RO) pre-treatment would be the most economical option. The WaterTectonics engineering team designed a containerized, 35gpm RO + blending & re-pressurization system for the client.

The system reduces TDS and chloride concentrations significantly more than required and blends treated and untreated water to meet influent targets to keep operating costs as low as possible.

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