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British Columbia Sawmill – Industrial Stormwater

British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia Sawmill - Industrial Stormwater

The Pacific Northwest is a region known for its wood products and water resources. This sawmill in lower mainland British Columbia reached out to WaterTectonics for assistance in designing and building a stormwater treatment system for its facility to reduce TSS and toxicity. The site was located on a sensitive waterway, and the owner and regulator wanted to ensure that any system put in would not contribute to increased toxicity in the waterway.

WaterTectonics conducted bench testing of various treatment options and conducted toxicity testing on the treated water for 96-hour rainbow trout LC50. WaterTectonics identified multiple solutions that passed with a 100% v/v result. Additionally, the system was designed with various fail-safes and process controls to minimize the risks of an operator error. Once installed, the 150gpm system met the client’s full-scale treatment goals and passed all toxicity tests.