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Beverage Plant – Coffee Concentrator

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Beverage Plant – Coffee Concentrator

A long-standing, coffee concentrate customer, who had purchased several custom designed reverse osmosis (RO) systems, needed an upgrade. This coffee concentrator needed a new, larger capacity RO system that could keep up with their rapidly growing business. At this plant, coffee is roasted, extracted, and then concentrated using RO technology.  The goal was to reduce 10,000 gallons of 2 brix coffee to 1,000 gallons of 23 brix coffee in less than 4 hours.  The concentrated coffee needed to retain the quality and taste of hot or cold brew coffee when reconstituted with water. WaterTectonics designed a food & beverage grade, all stainless RO system that was capable of processing up to 23 brix. The project was completed on time and budget.

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