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All Weather Wood – Industrial Stormwater

Washougal, Washington, USA

All Weather Wood - Industrial Stormwater

WaterTectonics was contacted by a wood treatment facility for assistance in achieving stormwater discharge benchmarks. Their constituents of concern were solids/turbidity and heavy metals – particularly high concentrations of copper used in their wood preservatives. WaterTectonics performed a treatability study to determine best approach and optimize process steps. The results determined that a WaveIonics electrocoagulation/polymer hybrid system with pH adjustment and solids separation would be the perfect combination to treat the client’s stormwater at 300 gallons per minute. An automated operator system incorporated control and adjustment of all system processes to a single touch-screen interface ensuring that all effluent water would meet operator defined standards prior to final discharge. To date, the system has consistently performed to meet discharge limits with 99% uptime and anticipated treatment volumes exceeding 14 million gallons per year.