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Aerospace Manufacturing – Industrial Wastewater

California, USA

Aerospace Manufacturing - Industrial Wastewater

This aerospace manufacturing facility reached out to WaterTectonics to design and build a process water treatment system to replace an aging system that was no longer meeting new sewer discharge requirements for metals and fluoride. The client was on a fast track compliance timeline, and WaterTectonics worked with the client and their engineer to develop a process flow diagram and begin fabrication of equipment while additional design work was completed in parallel. The system required complex, multi-stage chemical treatment, clarification, multi-stage filtration, carbon adsorption, and multi-stage ion exchange. The system also had to be fit within an existing containment area that was space and height limited. WaterTectonics modeled the entire system in 3D prior to fabrication and work in partnership with the client’s contractor to ensure fit of all components prior to delivery to site.