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Acid Gas Scrubber Blowdown Water – Mercury Removal System

Massachusetts, USA

Acid Gas Scrubber Blowdown Water - Mercury Removal System

WaterTectonics was commissioned to design and build a water treatment system to remove mercury in an acid gas scrubber blowdown water stream. In order to meet low level sewer discharge requirements on mercury, ion exchange was selected as the preferred removal option. Significant pre-treatment was required in order meet water quality requirements prior to the ion exchange vessels.

WaterTectonics developed a bench-scale chemistry solution to address pre-treatment needs and manage the large amounts of sludge that would be generated, including design of a sludge management system and filter press. Another challenging aspect of the project was that is was required to fit within an existing building in an extremely tight footprint. WaterTectonics modeled the entire system in 3D prior to fabrication to ensure that the system could be built, installed, and serviced within the limited footprint successfully.