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Today’s oil & gas companies are seeking water treatment managers to provide turnkey, economical treatment solutions as a result of decreasing access to fresh water supplies, ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiatives, stricter environmental regulations and increased water use/handling requirements.

Founded more than 20 years ago, WaterTectonics has custom-engineered solutions to address oilfield-produced water and other water management challenges by delivering proven treatment solutions for oilfield operations including: pilot testing, full-scale modeling and centralized water processing facilities. Our patented oil & gas water treatment technologies have the capability to eliminate trucking costs, enhance production yields, reduce disposal costs, mitigate environmental risks and ensure regulatory compliance. WaterTectonics specializes in oil & gas water treatments, such as the reduction of iron, copper, zinc, turbidity, sulfide, barium, TPH, E.coli and more from flowback and produced waters before reuse or discharge.

The engineering and scientific teams at WaterTectonics have a deep understanding of water chemistry. They embrace a repeatable solutions approach to variability in wastewater streams, with extensive testing taking place at an in-house laboratory. This translates to a personalized oil & gas water treatment plan, solutions selection and precise configuration of technologies to meet operator needs safely and efficiently.

25,000 bbl per day system - Midland, TX
shale treatment project
Uinta Shale Treatment Project - Vernal, Utah
barnett shale
Barnett Shale Treatment Project - Fort Worth, TX
piceance shale
Piceance Shale Treatment Project - Parachute, CO
marcellus shale
Marcellus Shale Treatment Project - Hughesville, PA
Refinery Wastewater Pilot Project - Muscat, Oman
shale treatment project
barnett shale
piceance shale
marcellus shale


  • Treatability Studies
  • Field-Scale Demonstration Pilots
  • Full-Scale Cost Analysis and Plant Engineering Design
  • System Installation & Commissioning
  • Operator Training Courses
  • Turnkey Service & Maintenance Programs
  • Build-Own-Operate Contracts
  • Client-tailored Research & Development

Centralized Water Processing Facilities

Every year, over 900,000 wells generate approximately 21 billion barrels of produced water. Today, much of this water is sent to deep well injection. WaterTectonics is developing facilities to treat this water and provide long-term, beneficial recycling treatments of produced water for oilfield & gas or agricultural reuse. Our oil & gas water treatment operations will scale to match effluent quality to user requirements for clean brine, blended water, fresh water or custom water needs.

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Pilot With WaterTectonics

Do you have a challenging site or project but are unsure about deploying new technology? WaterTectonics provides scaled pilot equipment and turnkey field service on a project basis to fit your needs with feasibility demonstrations. During the pilot, our field service team will work with you to ensure comprehensive performance validation and operations monitoring to ensure accurate full-scale modeling.

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Working in GCC Countries

WaterTectonics has partnered with OmWater, in a joint venture called WaterTectonics Middle East, to provide water treatment technology and services in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. WaterTectonics Middle East will leverage existing WaterTectonics technologies and will also support the development of new technologies for addressing the specific challenges faced by GCC countries with regard to water treatment, reuse, and discharge.

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Rental Solutions
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