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From groundbreaking to end-of-life maintenance, today’s mining companies face a variety of mining water treatment challenges that can involve complex permitting, remote operations, and strict discharge limits on water quality. With this increasing regulation comes a need for newer tools and mining water treatment technologies. Working alongside global partners, WaterTectonics is deploying innovative new solutions for treating mine process water that improve water quality, reduce sludge waste, and mitigate ownership risks, ultimately enhancing sustainability and lifecycle operation costs.

mine tailings treatment
Mine Tailings Treatment Pilot Project - Bozeman, MT
Underground Mine Dewatering Pilot - Southern MO
mining water treatment
Uranium Tailings Treatment Pilot Project - Albuquerque, NM
processing plant
Coal Processing, Washdown Treatment Plant - AUS
Coal Processing, Washdown Treatment Plant - AUS
mine tailings treatment
mining water treatment
processing plant


  • Treatability Studies
  • Field-Scale Demonstration Pilots
  • Full-Scale Cost Analysis and Plant Engineering Design
  • System Installation & Commissioning
  • Operator Training Courses
  • Turnkey Service & Maintenance Programs
  • Build-Own-Operate Contracts

Electrocoagulation vs. Chemical Treatment

Electrocoagulation differs from traditional chemical treatment in three distinct ways. The EC coagulant is generated in situ as a pure cation vs. chemical addition which requires stabilized delivery via a counter-ion. Hydroxyl groups and hydrogen gas are generated in situ on the face of the EC cathode which provides additional treatment benefits vs. additional equipment in a traditional chemical treatment process to accomplish this. Finally, the electric field generated inside the EC cell disrupts bacterial and oily formations vs. no such process occurring in a traditional chemical treatment system. Ultimately, this mining water treatment results in improved heavy metals removal, reduced sludge generation, and better pre-treatment for desalination.

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Pilot with WaterTectonics

Do you have a challenging site or project but are unsure about deploying new technology? WaterTectonics provides scaled pilot equipment and turnkey field service on a project basis to fit your needs with feasibility demonstrations. During the pilot, our field service team will work with you to ensure comprehensive performance validation and operations monitoring to ensure accurate full-scale modeling.

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Work with our Global Partners

WaterTectonics has partnered with global mining service providers to deliver a superior customer experience anywhere in the world. These partnerships ensure that your project has in-country, on-the-ground partners that are familiar with the local issues that impact your industry. Contact us today at the links below to learn more about the work we’ve done with mining water and tailings treatments in your region.

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Rental Solutions

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