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Dissolved Air Flotation


What is Dissolved Air Flotation?

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a treatment process that utilizes micro-bubbles to lift and separate contaminants in a reaction tank. A cone bottom design and surface scraper system automate sludge removal of the separated material.

How it Works

Water enters the flocculation chamber where it can optionally be dosed with a polymer to help enhance floc formation. It then travels through serpentine piping to allow for additional reaction time. Micro-bubbles are injected into the water prior to entering the separation chamber through micro-bubble injection quills. Micro-bubbles help lift flocs to the surface of the separation chamber. A layer of sludge forms on the surface of the separation chamber, and an automated skimmer periodically scrapes the sludge into a sludge tank. Treated water exits the separation chamber near the middle to ensure that floating and settled floc carryover is minimized. A clear well tank serves as the primary holding tank prior to any downstream filtration. Finally, sludge that is removed by the automated scraper and sludge that settles to hoppers at the base of the system can be removed by use of an automated sludge pump.

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