The WaveOx system utilizes various types of non-sacrificial electrodes that are designed to generate powerful oxidants. The type and quantity of the oxidant generated can be adjusted based on the requirements of the application. The  oxidant make-up can include hydroxyl radicals, persulfate radicals, ozone, persulfate, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, bleach, and others. Because the electrodes are non-sacrificial, they can often be utilized for many years without failure. The system is well suited for targeted destruction of organics, bacteria, and other contaminants that are difficult to remove with conventional treatment systems.

Treatment Targets

  • Chemical Oxygen Demand
  • Organics
  • Total Coliforms
  • Slime Forming Bacteria
  • Iron Reducing Bacteria
  • Sulfate Reducing Bacteria

Technology Specifications

  • Purpose-built containerized system that meets UL508 manufacturing standards
  • Flexible process flowrate depending on treatment requirements
  • Influent water can be sent directly through the WaveOx cells, or the cells can be used to generate a mixed oxidant solution from a slipstream and then be re-injected
  • Residual water quality monitoring helps ensure long-term oxidant effectiveness

WaveOx Treament Cells

generate powerful oxidants - WaveOX - Treatment Cells

Depending on the application, either the full flow or a slipstream of water is directed through the WaveOx treatment cells. Non-sacrificial electrodes serve as reactive substrates which generate uniquely powerful mixed oxidant solutions.

Oxidant Mixing Zone

generate powerful oxidants - WaveOX - mixing zone

If utilizing the slipstream configuration, the concentrated mixed oxidant solution is then sent to a holding tank prior to re-injection.

Oxidant Re-Injection

generate powerful oxidants - WaveOX - re-injection

Finally, the concentrated mixed oxidant solution is re-injected into the full flow stream at a metered rate to destroy organics, bacteria, and other contaminants.

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