The AcistBox is a mobile stormwater treatment system that uses polymer-enhanced sand filtration (CESF) technology. This turnkey system controls pH and reduces turbidity to levels that are acceptable for discharge. The process is completely automated and includes real-time water quality monitoring, data logging, and a water quality recirculation valve that ensures effluent water meets user-defined discharge criteria before leaving the system. In Washington state, the system is approved as a General Use Level Designation technology when using Chitosan or other approved polymer products.

Treatment Targets

  • Turbidity
  • pH

Technology Specifications

  • Purpose-built, containerized system that meets UL508 manufacturing standards
  • Process flowrate of 100gpm to 1,000gpm
  • Additional pH management equipment fully integrated into process flow
  • Real-time water quality monitoring helps ensure performance
  • System approved as General Use Level Designation technology by Washington State Department of Ecology

Influent Pump

CESF pump

Water is collected in a source tank or pond and pumped through the AcistBox by a treatment pump. Influent water quality is analyzed for Turbidity and pH and recorded on the internal system log.

Polymer Injection

CESF polymer injection

Polymer is stored in chemical totes inside the system container and is injected into the influent water via automated and adjustable dosing pumps. It then goes through a flocculation chamber with serpentine piping and static mixers to enhance mixing of the polymer.


water filtration

Water is then sent to a media filtration system that includes an automated backwash function. Finally, water is analyzed for effluent Turbidity and pH to ensure the water meets all operator-defined criteria. If the water does not meet criteria, it is re-circulated to the beginning of the process via an auto-actuated water quality valve.

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