Option 1:

Submit Water Quality Information

water quality information

Before conducting any testing, we ask clients to identify their specific water treatment goals, including desired effluent water quality and capital and operating cost goals. Additionally, we review any available historical data to better understand the influent water profile.

Ship Samples to WaterTectonics

ship water samples for treatability testing

Next, we ask clients to collect a representative sample of their water and send to us for bench-scale analysis. We can help guide you through proper sampling technique and shipping options. Required sample volume typically ranges from 5 to 50 gallons.

Treatability Testing

treatability testing

Water samples are received at WaterTectonics, checked in, and maintained appropriately prior to treatment. Bench-scale testing can range from simple testing on one sample with one technology to testing of multiple samples with multiple technologies.

Third-Party Testing

third party testing

In-house water quality data is collected throughout the bench-scale testing process wherever appropriate. Final treated samples and influent water are sent to a third-party facility to test for all required parameters as directed by the client.

Final Report

compile final report

Once third-party results are in, a final report is compiled that includes an overview of the project, treatment methods used, tables with in-house and third-party data, and pictures of the treated water through the process.

Option 2:

Pilot Rental Fleet

pilot rental fleet

WaterTectonics maintains a rental fleet of treatment equipment of various configurations and flowrates, including skid-mounted and containerized options. Typical pilot system flowrates range from 5 to 500 gallons per minute.

On-Site Pilot Projects

on site water treatment projects

Pilot projects provide a check point for clients to evaluate a technology decision after the bench-scale phase but before final purchase of equipment. Pilot projects can be especially important when trialing new technologies or new process streams.

Pilot Project Supporting Services

pilot project water treatment support

Successful pilot projects require careful planning, coordination, and on-site execution. WaterTectonics field technicians provide turnkey deployment, operation, and breakdown of equipment to ensure the pilot phase is utilized efficiently and good data is collected.

Option 3:

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